Patient Forms

New Patient Forms
To save time in the office, please complete these forms and bring them to your first visit.
To further expedite patient registration at your appointment, you may fax these documents to our office prior to your visit: 860-882-0270.

Medical Record Release Connecticut state law permits us to charge $.65 per page. This fee is all inclusive of labor, copying and postage. Unless otherwise specified, only the most recent findings, progress notes and test results will be provided. Fax to 860-242-3052

Patient Instructions for Cardiac Tests

Nuclear Stress Test

Vascular Laboratory

ALL TESTS: If your private insurance has an annual deductible, diagnostic testing completed by Cottage Grove Cardiology PC will be applied to it.  An initial payment will be due on the day of the test unless proof is provided that your deductible is already met. Please call 860-242-8756 front desk if you are unaware of the amount of the initial payment. (Medicare members are not required to pay on the day of service).

Failure to cancel a scheduled test will result in a $100.00 no show fee.

  Patient information

What is an exercise stress test?

About Echocardiograms

Getting to the right place in Bloomfield

Cardiologist Office Visits Level 1

Level 1 Main Reception Area Bloomfield is staffed 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Avon, South Windsor and Windsor by appointment

Testing Center Level B

Take the elevator to Level B for expedited testing check in.  The reception desk is open from 8:30 am – 4 pm.  Prior to opening please visit the reception desk on the main level.

The following tests are available on Level B.
  •  Echocardiogram
  •  Exercise Stress Test
  •  Nuclear Stress Test
  •  Vascular Test
  •  Pacer Check